Kit/Equipment List

As the days, weeks and months roll past I’ll endeavour to keep this page update with a list of equipment I’ve bought to take and any reasoning behind the purchase. As anyone who is planning to undertake a trek like this will know, there is an awful lot of information out there but no real pointers to specific items of kit, something I’ve found frustrating at times.

I’ll also try to remember to update this page after the climb with any notes on how the kit/equipment performed, whether it was worth it, what I did need and what I could’ve done with taking!

Please note that I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers/resellers of the it/equipment I’ve bought, they are purely items that I’ve researched, have been recommended or just liked/wanted.

Kit so far…

(Updated – sometime after the trip!)

Head, Hands…

  • Warm Hat: Sealskinz Waterproof Beanie – warm, breathable and waterproof…perfect for the climb and back here in Blighty during the winter months!
  • Gloves: Rab Power Stretch – warm enough for day-to-day walking but still fit under a pair of mitts for summit night
  • Gloves: Mountain Warehouse Touchscreen Liner gloves – something I can wear when it’s not cold enough for the Rab gloves, or can wear underneath my ‘warm’ gloves to make sure my hands stay toasty! They also have a handy patch on the index fingers and thumbs so I can use my touchscreen phone without getting cold hands. Bonus!
  • Gloves (Summit): Mountain Warehouse Extreme – warm, waterproof pair of gloves mainly for the higher reaches of the mountain climb <– I ended up not using these and just used the Liner gloves with the Rab over the top…for about 30 minutes and then my hands got too warm! I’m weird.
  • Sunglasses: Bloc Daytona Shiny Black/Red – I opted for these mainly because they offer the maximum level of UV protection and I don’t look too much like a dufus in them!
  • Sunhat: Mountain Warehouse Australian wide brim hat – cheap sunhat that will keep my nogging and neck from resembling a lobster
  • Head torch: Black Diamond Spot 160 Lumen – super bright, light weight and has multiple settings including night light red <– this decided to lock up completely on summit night right before we set off! Couldn’t bloody believe it! Luckily Margaret lent me her spare. So note to anyone climbing Kili…take two head torches!

Top Half

  • T-Shirts (short sleeve): Five merino polyester blend t-shirts from Mountain Warehouse and have been impressed so far.
  • T-Shirts (long sleeve): Two of the short sleeve t-shirts, just with longer arms!
  • Fleece Tops: The North Face Cornice 1/4 Zip fleece top – made with Polartec 100 so warm but very lightweight. Also bought a Mountain Warehouse Norway Waffle fleece top – not as warm as the North Face top, but should be good for the cooler days/nights. Both bought in sales which is a bonus!
  • Warm Jacket: my brother and his fiancé very kindly bought me a North Face Tonnerro Hoodie on a recent trip to Germany. Plenty big enough to cope with all the layers I’m bound to be wearing and more importantly warm and lightweight

Bottom Half

  • Walking Trousers: So far a pair of Craghoppers Kiwi (fleece lined) and a pair of Ayacucho Gruno that can be zipped off at the knee. If I get on with these I’ll get another pair or two (hopefully in the sales again?!) <– my trousers that zipped off to mke shorts I ripped on the very first day of walking…from the rear of the waistband right down to the crotch. Not good. Take an extra spare pair if you can and then you wont have to live in one pair of trousers for a week!
  • Waterproofs: Tog24 Atom Milatex jacket – big enough to go over my down jacket if needed, but light enough that I’m not going to boil from the inside


  • Walking Shoes/Boots: Meindl Bhutan MFS – not the lightest (or cheapest!) in the world, but the are very well made, sturdy and will give me and my achilles the support I need going up and coming back down! <– Cannot fault these. They saved my ankles from twists and turns many times over, yet remained comfortable all the time. Others in the group got blisters and numb toes (on the way down), I got neither.
  • Walking Socks: five pairs of Bridgedale Light Hikers along with a pair of Bridgedale Trekkers for when it gets a little chillier!
  • Gaiters: a pair of Mountain Warehouse Highland gaiters; they were in the sale and I’m still undecided about them…we’ll see what happens on the climb! <– only used these on summit night/day and I’d recommend them to anyone as without them you’ll end up with your own gravel patio in your boots thanks to the Scree Surfing coming down from Stella Point!

Everything Else

  • Rucksack/Daypack: Osprey Stratos 34L – nice big pack without being too big, extremely comfy to wear and has a great system to limit sweaty back syndrome! Also has the benefits of a built in pocket for the Hydration pack and a built in waterproof cover
  • Charger: 10000mAh Powerbank which should be good for 4 full charges of my phone or an iPod or camera etc <– Fantastic! Charged my iPhone 6 twice, my FitBit Surge several times and still had charge left!
  • Sleeping Bag: decided to rent this from Exodus rather than spend a fortune!
  • Sleeping Mat: again, I’m renting this from Exodus
  • Duffell/Holdall Bag: Exodus confirmed that they provide one these for the duration of the climb, so I’m all good in this department!
  • Travel Towel: Mountain Warehouse medium travel towel – for £6 I thought why not! It’s small and light enough to pack away nice and small, and will probably be very handy when attempting to have a wash on the side of a mountain!
  • Waterproof/Compression bags: a few of these in varying sizes all from Mountain Warehouse – seem sturdy enough and importantly waterproof enough to keep things like my down jacket in!
  • Thermals: managed to borrow a pair of SmartWool “long johns” from my Dad (yes they have been laundered!) and will take a spare base layer t-shirt to wear with them for sleeping in when it’s cold

Toiletries/First Aid

  • Loads of it! Plasters, anti-malarials, baby wipes, toilet paper, deodorant, moisturiser, hand gel…the list goes on and on. Thankfully all fairly lightweight and will be split across by day pack (rucksack) and kit bag


What would I take next time having done it once?

  • A spare headtorch!
  • More walking trousers after my ripping accident
  • Travel pillow or something to put my head on while sleeping…the ground is very hard!
  • Plenty of those hand warmer things – could’ve done with one or two of those each night and on the summit climb!
  • More chocolate. Not only for me to eat but to hand out to the kids asking for it as you walk past at the end of the trip.
  • A camera with a decent Night mode on it to take photos of the stars and milkway – it’s amazing clear and breath taking. iPhones are shite at taking photos in the dark.