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Blinking Flip! 10 Days…

Blinking flip! In 10 days time Sarah, Margaret and I will be on our way to start the challenge that is Mt Kilimanjaro!

10 days!

Thankfully there’s not much left to buy or do. My Visa should be waiting for me when I get home. I sorted my travel insurance (what a minefield that is!). Pretty sure I have all the kit I need; if I don’t I can do a mad dash to the local Mountain Warehouse, or I can do without…

Another thanks to all you wonderful people that have helped me raise money and awareness for Tommy’s baby charity; although I haven’t reached my target of £2000 (yet!) what we have raised will go towards essential research of and support through pregnancy. It is also absolutely fantastic and humbling at the same time. If anyone would still like to contribute please take the time to have a read of my fundraising page and then donate whatever you can.

Right. Back to concentrating on my short game (Pops you will be proud!) and not thinking about the ever looming challenge as I relax for a long weekend in Centre Parcs with the extended family…all 20+ of us.

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Snowdon Double Take

I failed.

Okay so maybe “failed” is the wrong thing to say. I managed to climb to the summit of Snowdon on Friday in just under two hours and forty minutes. Not bad for someone who was on crutches at the beginning of the year!

Sunday wasn’t quite so successful for a number of reasons. I was tired; it took an hour and a half to reach half way house! The weather was rubbish and closed in rapidly, and with Kilimanjaro just a couple of weeks away I thought I should probably play it safe. Still I made it to halfway and despite it being a struggle, I’m happy with that.

Snowdon did however uphold the long standing tradition of having shitty weather and not being be able to see a flipping thing!

As promised, some photos…mainly me pulling silly faces and cloud.


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Snowdon ‘Conquered’!

I can now check Snowdon off the list of mountains climbed!

A very grey, cloudy and chilly Saturday saw a fairly tough plod up the Llanberis path to the summit of Snowdon. I’ve been told that the views along this route are really quite something…I cannot verify this though as right from the start we were walking up into the clouds with visibility not offering anything more than a few tens’ of metres in any direction!

Despite the rubbish visibility and the occasional rain shower it was an enjoyable walk mostyl thanks to the company along the way – Sarah, Margaret (who I climb Kilimanjaro with in August), Lee (Margarets son), Fiona and Dali (Lees friends). Without the banter from this lot I can imagine the walk being a lot tougher!

All in all, a great days training for August – I’m happy enough that I managed the 1000m climb without too much effort and without suffering any aches or pains. That said I have been attacked by a mosquito (maybe more than one) and can count 16 bites on my legs…that’ll learn me for wearing shorts!

Another shameless reminder for donations to my JustGiving page for Tommy’s; it really is an amazing charity helping many people in many different ways suffering very tragic circumstances.

Here are a few photos from the day; apologies as many look the same but I promise they are from different view points along the way!


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Snowdon – Here I come!

This time tomorrow (Saturday) I hope to be well on my way up to Snowdon’s summit!

I’m joining a few others, including Sarah and Margaret who I’m climbing Kilimanjaro with, and staying overnight on Friday in a little hotel in Blaenau Ffestiniog about 40 minutes away from Snowdon.

Early Saturday morning we’ll depart to start our hike up the Watkins path and a few hours later we should reach the summit – weather permitting! (Latest Snowdon weather forecast can be found here – Snowdon Weather)

The Llanberis Path

Also known as the Tourist path, the Llanberis path, although not the shortest, is thought of as one of the ‘easiest’ of all the routes up Snowdon as it is the most gradual climb.

  • Length – 9.0 miles / 14.6 km
  • Ascent – 3300 feet / 1000 metres
  • Duration – Approx 5 – 6 hours