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Blinking Flip! 10 Days…

Blinking flip! In 10 days time Sarah, Margaret and I will be on our way to start the challenge that is Mt Kilimanjaro!

10 days!

Thankfully there’s not much left to buy or do. My Visa should be waiting for me when I get home. I sorted my travel insurance (what a minefield that is!). Pretty sure I have all the kit I need; if I don’t I can do a mad dash to the¬†local Mountain Warehouse, or I can do without…

Another thanks to all you wonderful people that have helped me raise money and awareness for Tommy’s baby charity; although I haven’t reached my target of ¬£2000 (yet!) what we have raised will go towards essential research of and support through pregnancy. It is also absolutely fantastic and humbling at the same time. If anyone would still like to contribute please take the time to have a read of my fundraising page and then donate whatever you can.

Right. Back to concentrating on my short game (Pops you will be proud!) and not thinking about the ever looming challenge as I relax for a long weekend in Centre Parcs with the extended family…all 20+ of us.