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Day 3 – To Shira 2 Camp

The sunset and me

Day 3 – To Shira 2 Camp

We receive our normal wake up calls at 06:30…trouble is I’m already awake and its blinking cold! (ice on my tent)

Slept okay apart from being amazing clear and just below freezing outside! Woke up a couple of times; once thanks to a spider crawling across my face, the other thanks to my face (mainly my eyes and nose!) feeling like ice. Simple solution was to put my down jacket over my head. Sorted.

Set off around 08:45 after the normal breakfast routines for a fairly easy walk across the Shira plateau; we stopped at Boulder and messed around taking photos of the group! (Makeke was not particularly happy as we were falling behind schedule!)

Very, very clear with sun and a cool breeze; amazing views of Kibo and the glaciers atop of it.

Our route today led us to Shira cathedral. After a short but slightly challenging climb, we left our packs at the base and scrambled to the top for some amazing views – Mt Mawenza just about visible. Right now we’re at an approx elevation of 3862m.

A couple of hours more walking on to Shira 2 camp past very odd boulder formations and the emergency helipad.

Arrive at camp 14:15 ish; an elevation of 3895m according to the sign.

Late lunch (14:30) of soup, corn something or other, eggy bread and cake. All very welcome and eaten promptly!

As part of our acclimatisation we had an afternoon walk up to 4000m; everyone felt good with no altitude sickness symptoms. 45 mins up, 15-20 mins at 4000m and 20 mins or so down.

Now time for washy washy before tea! 😂 (Nose blowing is not a pleasant experience; jet black bogeys!)

Dinner – soup, spaghetti bolognaise, fruit salad

Straight to bed for some music and to get warm! Blinking cold – wore thermal top, pants and socks.

Todays Totals

Steps – 28,886
Miles – 13.86
Floors – 203

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  1. You are looking a little sad in these selfies Jeff – missing your girls maybe 🙁

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