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Let the training commence

It’s been a while since the last update as there hasn’t really been much to update on.

I’ve been plodding along with me physio exercises which appear to be helping as my leg feels stronger and I walk with less of a limp as each week passes by. I can now stand on my “bad” leg and lift my heel off the floor! It may only be 10mm at most but only last week I couldn’t even do that. Progress.

Anyway, this weekend the real training begins. And by real I mean setting up the treadmill that we’ve bought and doing an hour or so of walking on it each night! Once I know this is comfortable (and possible!) I can start going for walks in the real world…

“To sentence a man of true genius, to the drudgery of a school is to put a racehorse on a treadmill” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Only other bit of news is that my latest effort at raising awareness of my climb, and in turn Tommy’s, arrived this week! I’ve already started strategically placing these around various shops in and around Witney. If you spot one, let me know where you saw it!

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