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Leaving on a jet plane…for Kilimanjaro!

Looking out of London

We’re off!

We make it to LHR in good time and have a bite to eat before passing through security…bit of a mistake perhaps because it is crazy busy! Slight dash to our boarding gate and board the plane.

The flight is okay, busy, but seems to have a good infotainment system with some fairly decent films.

Arrive at Addis Ababa which is a small and pretty shitty terminal; it takes 10 minutes to walk around the terminal shops! We all took naps to pass the time.

We met some other climbers heading to Kilimanjaro; one doing the Rongai route and a couple of others doing the Lemosho route with a Safari tagged on at the end.

Flight to Kili – despite the space invading native 😂, had some fantastic views of the mountain. Queued for the entry visa, passed through security, met the Exodus guides and then set off on our hour long journey to hotel with a stop for some water.

BIKES! There are a crazy amount of motorcycle ‘gangs’ around! Okay, so not gangs, but motorcycle taxis…

At the hotel we meet up with the others in our group and our lead guide; Makeke (only at the end of the trip do I discover his first name is actually Frederick!). In total our group size equals 81 – that’s 16 climbers + support team!

Everyone is a little emotional thanks to tiredness! Missing my little family already.


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