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No, not the kind that the late great Muhammad Ali threw with great effect, but the kind the Nurse at your local health clinic gets bored with doing and looses all finesse of administering!

This morning saw my first round of inoculations – Tetanus, Polio (both boosters), Diphtheria and Hep A & B – ready for my trip to Tanzania in a couple of months. Next Monday I go back for a second round of Hep A & B and a Typhoid jab. Finally, a week after that I have my Yellow Fever jabs…

I also enquired about Antimalarials and it’s a toss up between two – Malarone and Lariam.

Lariam (the brand name for Mefloquine, Doxycycline) is the cheaper of the two options, although has some pretty interesting possible side effects such as hallucinations, sensitivity to the sun, heart burn, thrush…the list goes on!

Malarone, while being more expensive (approx £3/tablet compared to £0.03/tablet!) is apparently side-effect free. Having chatted to the nurse while gingerly rubbing my now perforated arms, I am pretty sure I’m going with the expensive option! (although hallucinations on Kilimanjaro could be ‘interesting’?!)

Next thing to decide on is anti-altitude medicine; I think it’s going to be Diamox as this has been recommended by quite a few people all who have done the climb up Kilimanjaro before!


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