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Fellow Kili Climber

A friend of mine is well into his second day of climbing up Kilimanjaro by now; go on over to his Website for more info.

This has brought the reality of what I’ve signed up to do into focus more than ever!

I’m gradually building up my kit bag – off to find some decent hiking pants today (it’s a merino and synthetic minefield I tell you!) – but I think I have my head in the sand somewhat trying my best to ignore that in roughly 5 months time I’m going to be starting my climb. Honestly, that’s quite scary!

So, while I try to ignore my upcoming expedition and kid myself that the training is just for “fun”, help me come to terms with this crazy plan by donating to an amazing cause; Tommys.

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  1. So went to Bicester (there’s a Millets and Cotswold Outdoors there) and ended up buying a pair of walking boots, insoles, protector paste and a base layer top! No pants though.

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