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Flights Home

Kilimanjaro in the clouds

Days 9 & 10 – Flights home

Woke up around 06:30 for wee and it took a few seconds for me to work out that I wasn’t in a tent and didn’t have struggle with the stupid zip on a sleeping bag! Instead I once again fight with the mosquito netting, cursing it while I dance on the spot as I’m about to burst.

Woke up properly around 07:15 and had a very leisurely shower, dressing in shorts and t-shirt (no more layers for me!) before meandering down for breakfast. Turns out I’m the first to appear so indulge in some muesili with milk, fruit, a full fried breakfast and then some pastries. Absolutely brilliant!

Eventually others arrive and general chatter and banter start up ending when we realise we don’t have long to pack up and check out.

With the check out process done, we all mill around anding up on some comfy sofas on the veranda wasting time. A pack of cards appear and we whittle an hour or so away playing card games; I’m sure Andy was a “technique” when it comes to splitting the pack for a high card!

Time for lunch arrived and most of us opted for a big fat juicy burger with chips. As we finished licking our fingers from this fantastic meal our bus turned up to take us to the airport.

An hour later we were there. Some goodbyes to Sheena and Julie and then into the airport to clear security and customs and finally on to the plane.

The trip from Kilimanjaro to Addis Ababa for plane sailing, however the time spent at Addis Ababa…well, all I’ll say is if you ever plan a trip and see that you have to spend some time in Addis Ababa, do all that you can to avoid it!

With little sleep and tired legs we get through Heathrow to be surprised by family waiting for us! As I see my girls standing there holding up a sign welcoming me home, tears creep out and much hugging begins.

And then that’s it. Back to reality with the thought of standing on the roof of Africa feeling a bit like a dream.


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  1. I would have loved to see your face when you saw your girls ! What a wonderful surprise.xx

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