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Day 5 – Over Baranco Wall to Karanga Camp

Baranco Camp!

Day 5 – Over Baranco Wall to Karanga Camp

Slept okay; seemed to be much warmer than the previous nights even though nothing has changed? Still up at 01:30 for wee though

Apparently I was the “beacon” (snoring!) for Matt and Susie to find their tent again after getting up for the loo 😳

Normal routine of wake up call, washy washy, dress and pack bags.

Breakfast – porridge, toast, eggs and bacon

Quick clean of teeth and photo at the sign, then we set off around 08:30

Barranco wall – looming over us as we start to climb…scramble really…although there are porters passing us at lightning speed carrying and balancing equipment on their heads! Crazy fools.

It takes nearly two hours to get to the top – 4219m – after a couple of stops and a couple of false summits! Here we take some photos, enjoy the views and have a couple of snacks.

We descend from the top to start the trail to Karanga; a couple of hours later we’re descending into the valley (3946m) and stop for an “email” break at the bottom. A quick 30 minute-or-so climb back out of the valley to camp – 4034m – arriving at 13:30.

Lunch – soup, vegetable pasta (two helpings for me! 😊), cake, pineapple and watermelon

Short rest before our acclimatisation walk up to 4200m at 15:30.

Washy washy! One more wash in the morning and then that’s it until Millennium camp after we’ve hopefully summited! 😮

Dinner – soup, bread, peppered steak (!!), rice, cabbage and veg stew followed by bananas

Cleaning teeth while looking out over a sea of stars and, surprisingly, civilisation! Several towns light up the night floor while the stars and milky way light the sky.

I thought I was lucky seeing a shooting star last night to wish on, but tonight I caught the most amazing shooting star! It literally stopped me in my tracks as it streaked down the west side of Kibo! It seemed so close…not your normal shooting star!

Todays totals –

Steps – 25022
Miles – 12
Floors – 167 (some scepticism about this as I climbed a freaking 230+m wall this morning!)

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