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Day 4 – To Baranco Camp

Baranco Camp!

Day 4 – To Baranco Camp

Went to bed more or less straight after dinner last night – read a little about the next day whilst listening to some music. Not the best nights sleep; cold despite wearing thermals

Breakfast – porridge, eggs, bacon, bread (not toast, just bread)

Set off for todays walk around 08:30

Tough-ish walk over the ridge and then through Shira plateau and on to Lava Tower (4650m); very tough and cold with a little snow and hail falling from the clouds.

Walking taken up by playing games with Saffron, Emily, Alison and Andy; amusing and helped distract and pass the time

Another Yummy packed lunch at Lava Tower before a fairly rapid and tricky descent.

Arrive at camp 15:30 – 3900m. Take another giant poo that I didn’t have time to take at the last camp (plus it was freezing)

Washy washy time! That bowl of hot water is fast becoming a welcome sight thanks to the dust that just wont disappear…I wonder if the summit is more dust, just forzen in place?

Popcorn for afternoon tea and is devoured by all 😄

Impressively, my phone has made it to this point without needing a charge! It’s now at 17% so on charge it goes.

Back to my tent to update the notes, sort my bags out and rest (it’s become a ritual of mine it seems) before…

Dinner – soup, bread, buttered boiled pots, beef stew, spaghetti followed by pineapple for those that wanted it

After dinner watched/looked at stars and milky way for 10-15 mins; found the rough direction of home and waited for a shooting star to wish on for my girls at home (Beth included!); didn’t take long for one to streak across the night sky

Tucked up in “bed” with thermals on and music playing…it’s 20:14

Todays totals –

Steps – 26,772
Miles – 12.84
Floors – 240

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