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Day 2 – To Shira 1 Camp

Me and a Sign

Day 2 – To Shira 1 Camp

Slept pretty well – got to bed around 21:30, woke up a couple of times debating to brave the chill for a wee…the need won! Seems I wasn’t the only one judging by the amount of zips going throughout the night!

Breakfast – porridge, eggs, bacon, tomato, cucumber and bread. Honey, jam, tomato sauce and chilli sauce all optional 😄

Kitbag/day sack packed; set off around 08:30.

A tough walk through the Forest into the next zone which was a very clear and distinct change.

Dust! Never ending ceaseless onslaught of dust with no escape! I liken it to cement dust as it’s so fine it gets everywhere – I hate to think how much I’ve breathed in! – and mixed with the sweat it sets quite nicely.

We stop for a break at bottom of dusty descent and then embark on a reasonably challenging climb up and over a ridge at a height of 3750m. Pole pole indeed! Very hot, strong sun that sap energy levels quickly.

Got into camp around 14:35 and took a giant poo. 😳😊 (Sorry Mum)

Afternoon tea of popcorn. Brilliant!

Dinner of – soup, bread, rice, cabbage (?!), veg curry and fried chicken

The STARS! They are amazingly clear and bright and there are literally thousands of them! I stood and looked for a while but it was proper brass monkeys so didn’t stay too long. Poxy iPhone couldn’t take a photo of them either.

Camping elevation = 3610m

Todays totals –

Steps – 24,107

Miles – 11.56

Floors – 245


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