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Amazing response

Wow. I never thought I’d get a response to this like I have done in the first few days.

A really, truly, massive thank you to everyone that has been in touch with well wishes and those that have donated. I’ve already reached 10% of my fundraising target and am humbled by it all. There really is no pressure now to get my ankle recovered, get fit and get to the top is there. No pressure at all.

Just a reminder to those who have donated – don’t forget to send me your photo so I can include it on my “flag” type thing to take on the trip with me! Drop me an email on jeff dot clark @

Quick note on kit status. My warm hat, gloves and a pair of walking socks turned up. Despite Beth insisting I look like a “tool” I really like everything and don’t think I’ll care when it’s brass monkeys weather! (Photo below for you to make up your own mind!)


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