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A Year Ago…

Me and Tommys at Uhuru Peak

A year ago today I was elated, exhausted and overcome with many, many emotions.


I had just reached the summit of Kilimanjaro after a gruelling hike through the night in freezing temperatures where all my body wanted to do was sleep!

A year ago.

Seems a little unbelievable if I’m honest. As I sit here in the comfort of my chair with the familiar background noise of children playing, it feels a little like it never happened. Just a brief encounter with a distant memory. But then the memories of the trip come flooding back in a rainbow of dazzling colour! I remember the nervous excitement in the run up to the trip. The laughter, tears and games played out with the group I climbed with. The effort of training to try and prepare for what I was going to do. The self inflicted pressure of trying to reach my fundraising target. The tribulations of snapping an achilles a few short months before!

But most importantly the biggest memory I have is of standing at the summit, breathing in the surroundings, the view, the achievement and the feeling of standing on top of the world.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely! Without hesitation. In fact I quite often think about my time climbing Kilimanjaro and in some ways wish I was there right now climbing again, experiencing everything the mountain throws at you.

Will I do it again? I hope so, but I don’t know. Maybe when my girls are older. Who’s know’s maybe Beth will do it with me?!

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