Help me raise money
For all those that help me raise money for Tommy’s make sure you send me a photo of you, it can be any photo you like (nothing rude please!) but preferably a head shot. Why? I’d like to put a picture of everyone who has helped raise money and spurred me on to complete this challenge, on a “flag” that I will carry with me on the trek; essentially everyone who helps me raise money will be coming with me on the climb of Kilimanjaro!

Option 1 – The quickest and easiest way is via my Just Giving Fundraising page . This is, simply put, an online form and shows a running total so you can see how much has been raised so far!

Option 2 – Text JFRS79 with an amount you’d like to donate to 70070. For example, sending JFRS79 £5 to 70070 would donate £5.

Option 3 – Come and find me, put your details on a fundraising form along with an amount you’d like to give. This option does mean that I may have to chase and hassle you for the money you’ve pledged, whereas the online option means neither of us have to experience this!

Option 4 – All of the above?!


Help spread the word!
Please help me “publicise” my plans and raise money by any means you can. At the bottom of this page are the usual social networking buttons, please Tweet, Retweet, Post, Like or Share and help me reach my fundraising target! I plan on writing a few blog type entries over on my Trek “blog” so please check back and keep up-to-date on my progress.


Fundraising Running Total