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Blinking Flip! 10 Days…

Blinking flip! In 10 days time Sarah, Margaret and I will be on our way to start the challenge that is Mt Kilimanjaro!

10 days!

Thankfully there’s not much left to buy or do. My Visa should be waiting for me when I get home. I sorted my travel insurance (what a minefield that is!). Pretty sure I have all the kit I need; if I don’t I can do a mad dash to the local Mountain Warehouse, or I can do without…

Another thanks to all you wonderful people that have helped me raise money and awareness for Tommy’s baby charity; although I haven’t reached my target of £2000 (yet!) what we have raised will go towards essential research of and support through pregnancy. It is also absolutely fantastic and humbling at the same time. If anyone would still like to contribute please take the time to have a read of my fundraising page and then donate whatever you can.

Right. Back to concentrating on my short game (Pops you will be proud!) and not thinking about the ever looming challenge as I relax for a long weekend in Centre Parcs with the extended family…all 20+ of us.

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These boots are made for walking

As I sit in a noisey and cold server room waiting for an SD Card array to rebuild, some of the lyrics from Nancy Sinatras’ “These boots are made for walking” popped into my head.

These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you

I received a very early birthday present from my folks on Monday (my birthday isn’t until October!) in the form of some walking boots! A pair of Meindl Bhutan MFS. Thanks Mum and Dad!

These are very highly reviewed by pretyy much everyone out there and, I have to agree with the reviews so far. They’re supportive, comfortable, very sturdy – something a “chap of my stature” needs – and not exactly featherweight (I need to build my leg strength up though right?!).

So far I’ve only worn them around the house but I think they’ll do me well on the climb in August. The real test, of course, will come when I start wearing them for “proper” walks!

Watch out Mt Kilimanjaro, I’m coming to walk all over you in my great big boots! (please be kind to me though!)

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Fellow Kili Climber

A friend of mine is well into his second day of climbing up Kilimanjaro by now; go on over to his Website for more info.

This has brought the reality of what I’ve signed up to do into focus more than ever!

I’m gradually building up my kit bag – off to find some decent hiking pants today (it’s a merino and synthetic minefield I tell you!) – but I think I have my head in the sand somewhat trying my best to ignore that in roughly 5 months time I’m going to be starting my climb. Honestly, that’s quite scary!

So, while I try to ignore my upcoming expedition and kid myself that the training is just for “fun”, help me come to terms with this crazy plan by donating to an amazing cause; Tommys.

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Weekend away

Got the opportunity to test out my new beanie, gloves and head torch this weekend.

We went away with friends for our annual long weekend jaunt and while the company and cabin was fantastic (as always) but the weather was brass monkeys in the evenings, and thanks to the lack of artificial lighting pretty blinking dark too! But thanks to my hat, gloves and torch, I was warm and able to see where I was going even if I did temporarily blind a few others staying there.

Also a nice (very) gentle start to training for Kili with the kids on a nature trail which is encouraging for the achilles recovery.




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Amazing response

Wow. I never thought I’d get a response to this like I have done in the first few days.

A really, truly, massive thank you to everyone that has been in touch with well wishes and those that have donated. I’ve already reached 10% of my fundraising target and am humbled by it all. There really is no pressure now to get my ankle recovered, get fit and get to the top is there. No pressure at all.

Just a reminder to those who have donated – don’t forget to send me your photo so I can include it on my “flag” type thing to take on the trip with me! Drop me an email on jeff dot clark @

Quick note on kit status. My warm hat, gloves and a pair of walking socks turned up. Despite Beth insisting I look like a “tool” I really like everything and don’t think I’ll care when it’s brass monkeys weather! (Photo below for you to make up your own mind!)


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First bits of Kit

Thanks to some very generous family members, I was bought some of my first bits of kit for the climb for Christmas. Yes I know I hadn’t signed up for the climb at this point, but it seems my family know me all to well!

So far I have some Block Daytona sunglasses, an Osprey rucksack, a Black Diamond head torch and an extremely interesting book about Kilimanjaro. I have some more stuff coming in the next day or two, so expect yet another post and silly photo when that parcel arrives!